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Here at Newcastle Auto Protection, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their ceramic coating. So here is why we can offer you the best paint protection in the area:

    • 10 Years Experience: With ten years in the industry, you can rest assured that your car is in excellent hands.
    • Great Range of Ceramic Coatings: People are different, the way they use their cars are different, so why would the same coating suit all customers?
      • Eg. Convenient Coating Options: Can’t be without your car overnight? No problem, we have coatings that can be applied the same day the car is dropped off and picked up!
    • Gyeon Infinite Warranty*: You heard right – INFINITE – our top of the line coatings have the option of infinite warranties.
    • Pro-Only Ceramic Protection: These coatings cannot be purchased or applied by just anyone; there is a thorough accreditation process carried out by Gyeon Quartz. Newcastle Auto Protection is the ONLY accredited applicator of Gyeon Quartz coatings in the Hunter Valley region.
    • Single Step Paint Correction INCLUDED: No need to “add on” the cost of correction. We ensure your vehicle is ready for the coating, achieving the glossiest result possible.
    • Professional Advice: We provide honest, no-bull, helpful advice. We aren’t trying to “trick” you into anything, we want you to get the best results possible – we like happy customers!

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Check out the information on our coatings below and contact us if you would like more information or help choosing! Alternatively, click through to our instant quote calculator where you can estimate your price with the option to send us an enquiry.

Our Ceramic Coatings and Prices

CanCoat Pro is a good entry level professional ceramic coating, Newcastle.

Gyeon Q² CanCoat Pro

Q² CanCoat Pro is a high quality coating for those on a budget or as a top up coating to a more durable ceramic coating such as Q² Flash, Mohs+ or Duraflex. Offering great gloss and protection CanCoat Pro is a great choice if a warrantied coating is not what is needed. If you are after a more longer term solution then have a look at our other offerings from Gyeon Quartz.

Prices starting from $499

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Q2 Flash is all about fast application and convenience for ceramic coating Newcastle

Gyeon Q² Flash

Gyeon Q² Flash is a thick one layer, fast-curing ceramic coating. It offers great UV protection, slickness and gloss. With its faster curing time of 3 hours before being exposed to the elements, the coating can usually be installed and handed back to the customer the same day. In terms of where Q² Flash sits in Gyeon’s coating line, it is a big step up from CanCoat Pro in terms of protection and durability backed with a 10 year warranty*. It is a step down from Gyeon top tier coatings Mohs+ and Duraflex. If you are after high quality ceramic paint protection without overnight curing times then Q² Flash is the best solution.

Prices starting from $799.

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Q2 Mohs+ is one of Gyeon's top ceramic coatings, Newcastle

Gyeon Q² Mohs+

Q² Mohs+ is a unique 2-stage coating system that provides both extreme scratch resistance and self-cleaning properties. The upgraded pure silazane Q² Base coating is the hardest automotive coating ever developed. The topcoat prevents watermarks and stains and prolongs the total durability of the new Q² Base coating. The end result cannot be overestimated – by implementing safe maintenance procedures, paint correction may be avoided throughout the entire period of use. Backed with Gyeon new INFINITE warranty* Mohs+ is the choice when the hardest wearing protection what you are after.

Prices starting from $1249

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Duraflex is one of Gyeon's best ceramic coatings, Newcastle

Gyeon Q² DuraFlex

Q² DuraFlex shares the same base coat as Mohs+ but has the extremely slick top coat Flexi. Q² Flexi is applied after the Q² Base and is a thick and extremely slick topcoat that has set new standards in gloss, hydrophobicity and durable self-cleaning. Backed with Gyeon’s new INFINITE warranty* Duraflex offers unrivalled gloss and slickness with the highest water contact angle (water beading) of any of the coatings on offer.

Prices starting from $1249

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