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Ceramic Car Paint Protection

Don't compromise when it comes to protection for your car

Newcastle Auto Protection offers ceramic car paint protection for your vehicles paintwork. We offer coatings from industry leader OptiCoat, which are high quality and offer exceptional durability and gloss.

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Add-On Protection

Wheels, Glass, Fabric and Leather all need protecting too.

So you’ve decided to get your paintwork protected, but don’t forget about your other surfaces! The benefits of paint protection are equally as relevant to your other vehicle surfaces. For a small charge, we can add the following protections to your service package!

Paint Protection Newcastle packages can also have leather protection added on.
Paint correction is completed prior to paint protection Newcastle

Paint Correction

Make your car shine like it never has

Paint correction is the process of removing microscopic amounts of paint via machine polishing to rid your car of defects. Paint correction can remove defects such as swirls, oxidation, scratches and etching. All of our paint protection Newcastle packages include a preparatory single-step correction, but if you are wanting to take your car to the next level then ask us about the paint correction services we have on offer.

Coating Maintenance

Take the hassle out of vehicle maintenance – bring your coated car back on a regular basis and let us bring back that fresh new feel each time. We will deep clean the coating by removing any contamination build up that it may have experienced over its life. Common contaminants include industrial fall out, road tar, bug guts etcetera. The vehicle wheels and tyres will also be given a thorough clean as a part of this service. Finally, the coating is topped up with OptiCoat Hyper Seal.

Prices starting from $150.

OptiCoat Hyper Seal used for maintenance of ceramic coatings

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It's great to have options, so here you can compare the prices for different coatings, as well as checking out how simple it is to add on protection for other surfaces. Not sure what you might need? Check out our services information.
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5 Year Warranty
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Please Note: While all efforts are made to ensure this quote calculator is as accurate as possible, there are certain things that cannot be quoted by a computer. All our coating packages include paint correction to prepare the paint for the coating. However, if your vehicle is in particularly bad condition, a larger amount of correction may be required. This would incur a larger cost. If you aren’t sure about your vehicle’s condition, please get in touch so we can arrange a time to provide you with a free quote in person.


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About Our Service

What you need to know about the way we operate
How long does paint protection take?

On average, car paint protection takes about one day. This largely depends on the size of the car and the type of coating being applied. For example, overnight curing is required when we apply Opti-Coat Pro. However, Optimum Gloss Coat can generally be applied on the same day that the car is dropped off and picked up, depending on the level of paint correction required or wanted.

How is a ceramic coating applied to my car?

First we wash and decontaminate your vehicle to ensure a proper clean surface. Then we lightly machine polish your paint work to remove swirls and light marks. This also acts as a bonding agent for Opti-Coat. Then we wipe your paint with a prep spray to make sure your paint is squeaky clean. Finally we apply one of our coatings from Opti-Coat.

What if my car has scratches?

All our packages include a single step paint correction to remove light marks and scratches. If your car has heavy scratches please contact us to discuss your options.

Do I need to wash my car before you protect it?

No this isn’t necessary as we wash and prep every car before coating (even brand new from the dealership that day)

Are you a fully mobile service?

Yes we are fully mobile and bring everything required to protect your vehicle.

Do I need a garage for you to do the application?

Yes a garage or large carport is required to install Opti-Coat.

What if I don't have cover?

You have a couple of options, you could ask a neighbour or family friend if we could borrow their garage for the day. Otherwise contact us and we can see what we can arrange for you.

What type of payment methods do you take?

We have a mobile EFTPOS machine that takes credit card. We also accept cash. We don’t accept cheques.

Paint Protection & Add Ons

Do ceramic coatings come with a warranty?

Yes, many ceramic coatings come with warranties. Our Opti-Coat Pro comes with a 5 year warranty. Optimum Gloss Coat does not come with a warranty but can be expected to last 2 years or more.

When looking at other brands of paint protection or ceramic coating, be sure to read the terms and conditions with the warranties as there are often requirements such as annual inspections that are not widely advertised. Opti-Coat warranties do not require annual inspections or regular servicing.

Is paint protection from the dealership good?

Short answer: Yes.

Generally speaking, the dealerships don’t use brands known to the detailing industry. That being said, it doesn’t mean that they won’t perform. However, a dealership’s quality control and preparation of your car is often lacking. To apply a ceramic coating, the surface must first be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. On average, a dealership may spend only 1-2 hours applying a coating/ paint protection product to your car. By comparison, at Newcastle Auto Protection we spend on average 6-8 hours preparing and applying a coating to your car. For the top level packages, we spend 10+ hours preparing and protection every part of your car. But this doesn’t equate to the dealership being more efficient; they are just cutting corners and rushing. The number of steps involved in properly preparing and coating a vehicle simply cannot be done in 1-2 hours.

In a nutshell, we have better procedures, better products and are looking to provide you with the best outcome.

Does paint protection mean I don't have to wash my car?

No, your car will still require washing and periodic maintenance to get the most out of your paint protection. Ceramic paint protection is a barrier between your car paint and the elements, not a car cleaning service. The job of ceramic paint protection is to protect the paint underneath. That being said, washing a paint protected vehicle will be far easier and your car’s paint will retain its gloss much better than without any protection.

Can a ceramic coating crack on my car?

No, a ceramic coating will never crack on a car.

What ceramic coating brand is best?

This can be a very contentious subject for some people. There are a few reputable ceramic coating brands out there along with many unreliable, cheap knock-offs. We recommend you doing your own personal research; however, we can confirm that Opti-Coat is an exceptionally high quality brand that can be trusted. They have a comprehensive accreditation process for their applicators and they don’t over-hype their coatings. In general, we find them to be more about underpromising and overdelivering rather than the other way around. We have been very impressed by this ceramic coating brand.

What's the difference between paint protection and ceramic coating?

Often the words paint protection and ceramic coating are used interchangeably; however, ceramic coating is a type of car paint protection. Technically, it is possible to refer to something like a polymer sealant or a carnauba wax, which still offers some protection, as a paint protection. However, a ceramic coating is a protective layer that is much thicker and stronger than both of these options. Most reputable detailers will use ceramic technology as their paint protection offering.

Is ceramic coating worth it?

If you are looking for the best car paint protection without going to Paint Protection Film (PPF) then yes, a ceramic coating really does hold up over the years and maintains that new car shine far longer than any waxes.

What does a ceramic coating protect my car from?

UV damage is a big paint killer in Australia, but so is chemical damage from bird poo and acid rain. Basically, paint protection will protect your car paint from environmental damage. However, there are no paint protections that will stop damage caused by abrasions such as washing with a dirty sponge, tree brush scratches, keying etc. In my experience, although a coating doesn’t stop these kinds of damage, it does generally take a fair amount of them and makes removing the damage far easier and more successful than on uncoated cars.

Will fabric protection prevent stains?

Fabric protection offers great stain resistance and makes cleaning up a lot easier. All our interior protection packages come with two high quality microfibre towels to assist with any spills you may encounter during normal usage of your car.

How do I clean up a spill if I have my fabric or leather protected?

The easiest way to clean up a spill is to use a damp microfibre towel as soon as the spill happens. We provide two high quality microfibre towels with any interior protection package selected and recommend keeping at least one in the car at all times!

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