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Professionally Installed Ceramic Coatings

Newcastle Auto Protection are the exclusive installers of NXTZEN Coatings in the Newcastle region.

NXTZEN was founded with the aim to develop a car protection product that would withstand the most extreme environmental conditions while also enhancing aesthetic qualities beyond expectations.

Features and Benefits of NXTZEN Coatings
Icon of a splatter to symbolise NXTZEN Ceramic Coatings defending against bug guts and bird droppings

Protect from Bug Spatter, Bird and Bat Droppings


CSIRO Proved Chemical Resistance up to pH14


Made in Australia Certification

Symbol of a shield and a sun, demonstrating ceramic coating protecting against UV rays

Reflects UV rays to protect from paint fading and discolouration.

Icon of a water drop being repelled from a surface to symbolise ceramic coating being hydrophobic

Hydrophobic (Water-Repelling) Properties

Shine icon symbolising ceramic coating having a deep gloss

Deep “Better than Showroom Floor” Gloss

Ribbon Icon to symbolise simple warranties of this ceramic coating

Simple 5, 7 or 9 Year Warranty

More detailed information about these features and benefits can be found on our About Us page

The Application Process

Our process takes between 8-10 hours from beginning to end and then your car will need to stay in our secure workshop overnight to cure.

1. Preparation

i. We wash and decontaminate your car with our professional washing chemicals and equipment.

Even if your car is brand new this is a very important step to remove any bonded contamination that may hinder adherence of the coating.

ii. We buff your car with a machine polisher. This is also known as paint correction and interestingly, a lot of businesses view this as an “optional” extra. We do not.

Our complimentary one-step paint correction is crucial in ensuring your car’s paint is fully prepared for the application of a ceramic coating. It improves the paint’s clarity and ensures there are no leftover wax residues from the dealership.

iii. We wipe NXTZEN Prep Solvent over the entire surface of your vehicle as a last preparatory step for the application of the coating. This removes any leftover polishing oil from the paint correction step.

2. Coating Application

NXTZEN coatings are supplied from the manufacturer in a small glass bottle and drawn into a syringe for precise dispensing onto a microfibre applicator.

Our professional installer then applies the coating one car panel at a time, leaving it to sit for 1-2 minutes before wiping off the excess and levelling the coating.

3. Curing

The final step in the process is allowing the ceramic coating to cure on your vehicle for 12 hours (overnight) in our secure workshop.

Humidity helps ceramic coatings cure by providing the moisture needed for the chemical reaction that hardens the coating. NXTZEN coatings contain silicon, which reacts with water molecules in the air. This process, called hydrolysis and condensation, breaks and reforms bonds in the coating’s molecules, ultimately creating a solid, durable layer.

About Newcastle Auto Protection

We are a locally owned and operated business with more than 10 years industry experience; so rest assured this is more than just a day job to us – quality car protection is our passion.

We spend hours researching the best products, learning about the advancements in coating technology, and sorting fact from fiction. We only offer products and services that we believe in.

Owner-operator, Mitchell, has achieved certification to install a range of different coatings over the years, tested them all out and come to his own conclusions about their strengths and weaknesses. That is how we have landed on NXTZEN as our selected brand that we trust – made right here in Australia but building a reputation for itself around the globe!


Mitchell Feenan

NXTZEN Coating Range

NXTZEN Ceramic Professional
5 Year Warranty


Ceramic Professional is a hybrid formulation that uses technology taken from the Optometry industry in the development of contact lenses. The main silicon carbide component is reacted with other proprietary compounds to produce an extremely smooth finish with high clarity and exceptional resistance to road grime and environmental pollution.

NXTZEN Graphene Serum
7 Year Warranty


Graphene Serum is a concentrate of graphene nano particles combined with the NXTZEN proprietary ceramic professional formulation. When graphene is dispersed within the ceramic coating, the structural strength and corrosion resistance of the resin is greatly enhanced.

The end result is a surface coating that is far less susceptible to breakdown and corrosion. The by-product is extended durability of the protective coating.

NXTZEN Elite (Multi-Layer)
9 Year Warranty


Our “top” coating, NXTZEN Elite features the latest Multi-Cure® surface protection technology to keep your vehicle protected and looking its best over time.

Elite is a multi-layered ceramic coating, combined with a memory polymer that will try to return to its original state when activated by heat. With NXTZEN Elite your vehicle can retain its high gloss finish using this “self-healing” effect to help minimise minor surface imperfections in the coating.

5 Star Reviews

“Fantastic to Deal With”

From my first contact to job being done then to post job follow-up Mitch was fantastic to deal with. His product knowledge was first rate, he advising suitable products to use and why. He carried out ceramic coat on my new Isuzu NPR, the finish looks brilliant. Would 100% recommend this business.



“Never Regret It”

I did a lot of research on both ceramic and graphene coatings…I felt very comfortable with the information and answers [Mitch] provided and became even more convinced I’d made the right decision when watching him apply the several pre-cleansing processes and then the graphene to my vehicle over several hours…I highly recommend Mitch and the graphene application, if you take up his service and the graphene product, you will never regret it.


(Completed as a mobile installation)

“Excellent Workmanship”

Highly recommend excellent workmanship, excellent service goes to great lengths to explain their products and which product would suit best for you. We purchased the ceramic paint protection for our brand new Triton not only does it help protect my vehicle from the elements but it makes cleaning so much easier. Thankyou so much Mitch I truly love it. Your after care service is excellent I couldn’t fault anything 😊😊😊


Front view of a blue Holden Commodore that has been protected with ceramic coating by Newcastle Auto Protection.

“Impressive Results”

Such an amazing job and great attention to detail. Very impressive results!! Talent and attention to detail is second to none.


Back view of a white Mitsubishi Triton that has been protected with ceramic coating by Newcastle Auto Protection.

“Above and Beyond”

I am very happy with the outcome. Mitch went above and beyond to rid my car of all rust stains and ceramic coated specific problem areas at my request. He was very thorough when explaining the product benefits, limitations and maintenance. My Triton left looking better than when I picked it up from the dealership.


Front right angled view of a grey BMW 330i that has been protected with ceramic coating by Newcastle Auto Protection.


Mitch did an outstanding job on ceramic coating my car. Car looks absolutely incredible and overall very impressed on how much time and care was taken to detail my car to perfection. Would highly recommend Newcastle Auto Protection!!!




Is a ceramic coating worth it?

If you are looking for the best car paint protection without going to the much more expensive Paint Protection Film (PPF) then yes, a ceramic coating really does hold up over the years and maintains that new car shine far longer than any waxes.

Put simply: Your car has a very thin amount of paint on it, which includes a clear coat layer (see diagram). When UV rays, bird poo, dirty wash mitts and chemicals hit the clear coat it starts to degrade and/or scratch away. This all happens on a microscopic level but you sure know about it when you get to the point of needing a respray. The cost of that? THOUSANDS. Want to avoid that? Get your car ceramic coated.

A ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s paintwork from chemical and environmental degradation. One reason we use the NXTZEN range of ceramic coatings is that they have a chemical resistance to acids and alkaline up to pH14, which is greater than the industry standard of pH12. Importantly, NXTZEN coatings have been shown to protect against pancreatin, the paint-destroying digestive enzyme found in bird/bat droppings and bug guts. See the CSIRO report here.

Do ceramic coatings come with warranties?

Yes, many ceramic coatings come with warranties. NXTZEN Ceramic Professional comes with a 5 year warranty, NXTZEN Graphene Serum comes with a 7 year warranty, and NXTZEN Elite comes with a 9 year warranty. We also offer installation of consumer grade coating, NXTZEN Ceramic, which is an unwarranted coating but can be expected to have approximately 3+ years durability.

When looking at other brands of paint protection or ceramic coating, be sure to read the terms and conditions with the warranties as there are often requirements such as annual inspections that are not widely advertised. NXTZEN warranties do not require annual inspections or regular servicing (see NXTZEN warranty here).

Are the dealership coatings okay?

Short answer: It depends.

Generally speaking, the dealerships don’t use brands known to the detailing industry. That being said, it doesn’t mean that they won’t perform. However, a dealership’s quality control and preparation of your car is often lacking. To apply a ceramic coating, the surface must first be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. On average, a dealership may spend only 1-2 hours applying a coating/ paint protection product to your car. By comparison, at Newcastle Auto Protection we spend on average 6-8 hours preparing and applying a coating to your car. For the top level packages, we spend 10+ hours preparing and protection every part of your car. But this doesn’t equate to the dealership being more efficient; they are just cutting corners and rushing. The number of steps involved in properly preparing and coating a vehicle simply cannot be done in 1-2 hours.

In a nutshell, we have better procedures, better products and are looking to provide you with the best outcome.

Is a graphene coating better than a ceramic coating?

Graphene coatings have become increasingly popular in the past few years, despite causing a lot of confusion when they first came out. Essentially, graphene works as an aggregate additive within the polymer matrix or the ceramic (coating) matrix. Graphene enhances and strengthens the ceramic coating to improve the existing properties like corrosion resistance and durability. Take note though – graphene only enhances what is already there. This means that the addition of graphene to a poor quality coating will not create a good coating.

In the case of NXTZEN Graphene Serum, graphene nano particles are added to NXTZEN Ceramic Professional (an excellent quality coating) during the manufacturing process. The result is a graphene coating with greater slickness, as well as superior strength and resistance to corrosion – which increases the durability of the coating from 5 to 7 years.

What about multi-layer coatings?

We offer NXTZEN Elite, which is a dual-layer coating with a warranty of 9 years.

Some coatings, like NXTZEN Elite, are specifically engineered to be applied as a multi-layer protection and these coatings will give you the significantly greater performance and durability than a single layer coating.

However, we do advise caution regarding the additional layers advertised by some businesses. If a coating is designed as a single-layer coating, adding additional layers on top would have minute benefits because the second layer is unable to bond sufficiently to the first layer. It would not be worth the additional cost charged.

Do you do PPF?

We do not offer PPF.

We can confirm that PPF is the best protection you can get for your vehicle against stone chips and scratches. Consequently, PPF comes at a much higher price point than ceramic coatings.

Our Ceramic Coating Service Areas:

Ceramic Coating Maitland:

In the Maitland region we service Aberglasslyn, Ashtonfield, Bolwarra, Buchanan, Chisholm, East Maitland, Farley, Gillieston Heights, Largs, Lochinvar, and Lorn. We also provide ceramic coating Maitland to Louth Park, Raworth, Rutherford, Thornton, Wallalong, and Windella.

Ceramic Coating Newcastle

In the Newcastle region we service Adamstown, Bar Beach, Beresfield, Birmingham Gardens, Broadmeadow, Carrington, Cooks Hill, Elermore Vale and Fletcher. We also provide mobile ceramic coating Newcastle to Hamilton, Islington, Jesmond, Kotara, Lambton, Maryland, Maryville, Mayfield, Merewether and New Lambton. Our ceramic coating Newcastle services can also be requested in Rankin Park, The Hill, The Junction, Tighes Hill, Wallsend, Warabrook, Waratah and Wickham.

Ceramic Coating Port Stephens

In the Port Stephens region we service Anna Bay, Brandy Hill, Corlette, Fern Bay, Lemon Tree Passage and Medowie. We also provide mobile ceramic coating Port Stephens to Nelson Bay, Raymond Terrace, Salamander Bay, Taylors Beach, Tomago, and Williamtown.

Ceramic Coating Lake Macquarie

In the Lake Macquarie region we service Arcadia Vale, Argenton, Barnsley, Belmont, Bennett Green, Bolton Point, Boolaroo, and Cameron Park. We also provide mobile ceramic coating Port Stephens to Cardiff, Caves Beach, Charlestown, Coal Point, Cooranbong, Edgeworth, Eleebana, and Garden Suburb. We can also service Glendale, Hillsborough, Jewells, Kahibah, Macquarie Hills, Morisset, Rathmines, Redhead, Speers Point, Swansea, Toronto, Valentine, and Warners Bay.

Ceramic Coating Port Stephens

In the Port Stephens region we service Anna Bay, Brandy Hill, Corlette, Fern Bay, Lemon Tree Passage and Medowie. We also provide mobile ceramic coating Port Stephens to Nelson Bay, Raymond Terrace, Salamander Bay, Taylors Beach, Tomago, and Williamtown.

Ceramic Coating Newcastle and Beyond

Other suburbs we provide our ceramic coating services to include Cliftleigh, Bellbird, Singleton, Branxton and Greta.