Ceramic Car Coating Comparison

GYEON or Opti-Coat Ceramic Paint Protection?

When it comes to protecting your vehicle both GYEON and Opti-Coat have you covered. Having said that, both companies formulate their ceramic coating with different chemistry and therefore have different strengths and advantages over each other.

Chemical Resistance

When it comes to outright chemical resistance, Opti-Coat Pro and Opti-Coat Pro+ offer the greatest resistance. These products are resistant to all acids and alkaline degreasers in the full pH range of 0-14 – they won’t penetrate the coating at all. Click here for this demonstrated in the objective report by CSIRO.

On the other hand, GYEON coatings are rated at being able to withstand pH 2-11, which is still great chemical resistance particularly for the average car owner. It is certainly well above any wax, which has no chemical resistance.


When it comes to overall slickness GYEON Q² Duraflex is one of the slickest coatings we have ever used. It’s so slick that insects landing on the horizontal panels cannot actually stick to the paint anymore! This was witnessed first hand by our applicator during a Duraflex installation and is due to the top coat, Q² Flexi, which is a silicone based top coat. GYEON Q² Duraflex also offers insane beading of 120 degree water contact angle.


All the coatings we offer add great gloss. Our personal favourites would be GYEON Q² MOHS+ and Opti-Coat Pro+. But appearance is such a subjective thing that what we like might be different to what you like.

For a more comprehensive overview of each brand, check out the following links: 1) GYEON Ceramic Car Coatings and 2) Opti-Coat Ceramic Car Coatings.

Best Coatings by Qualities

We know that everyone has different priorities for their car paint protection so we have put all the coatings we offer to the test in each of the below categories. Check out the results and feel free to contact us if you need more guidance or check out our instant quote calculator to build your ceramic paint protection package.


Glossiest Coating

Runner Up: Opti-Coat Pro+
Also Good: GYEON Q² Duraflex

This is a very subjective area as different coatings will add different types of gloss and each person can have a different preference. We have listed our favourite three in order.

GYEON Q2 MOHS+ wins for us because with its glass-like gloss it’s just like looking into a mirror. The additional Pro+ layer added over Opti-Coat Pro really ramps the gloss and slickness up to another level, making Opti-Coat Pro+ the runner up for this category. GYEON Q2 Duraflex comes in third for this category. Its silicone-based top coat certainly adds the “wet look” shine and is a favourite for many people.


Chemical Resistance

Best: Opti-Coat Pro+
Runner Up: Opti-Coat Pro
Also Good: GYEON Q² MOHS+

This area is a little less subjective as it isn’t based on preference but rather can be measured with appropriate testing. When it comes to the outright strongest protection the coatings from Opti-Coat do have the edge thanks to their Silicon Carbide (SiC) formulation. Opti-Coat Pro+ takes the title for Strongest Ceramic Paint Protection, followed by Opti-Coat Pro, and then GYEON Q² MOHS+.


Slickest Coating

Best: GYEON Q² Duraflex
Runner Up: Opti-Coat Pro+
Also Good: GYEON Q² Flash

The slickness we are measuring here is how much friction the coating reduces on top of the paintwork. GYEON Q² Duraflex wins hands down here. With its silicone based top coat, Q² Flexi, it’s even hard to rest a microfibre towel on your car as it just slides off. Opti-Coat Pro+ comes in second, followed by GYEON Q² Flash in third place.


Most Hydrophobic Coating

Best: GYEON Q² Duraflex
Runner Up: GYEON Q² Flash
Also Good: Opti-Coat Pro+

The word hydrophobic means water fearing and in this category we are looking at which coating offers the best beading action or water contact angle. GYEON QDuraflex wins again here. With a contact angle of 120 degrees it has some of the best hydrophobic action of any coating anywhere. GYEON Q2 Flash comes in second, offering great hydrophobic properties, while Opti-Coat Pro+ lands third place.



Best: Opti-Coat Pro
Runner Up: GYEON Q² MOHS+
Also Good: Opti-Coat Pro+

Water sheeting is another form of hydrophobic action. Rather than tight water beads water tends to flood a panel and fall off in a puddle. Opti-Coat Pro tends to sheet water more then beading it and takes first place in this category. GYEON Q² MOHS+ is a close second to Opti-Coat Pro in this category. With its great sheeting ability it makes the drying stage of the wash process that much easier. Opti-Coat Pro+ comes in third but definitely doesn’t sheet as well as the other two and could be described as the middle of the road in this category.


Fastest Application of Coating

Best: GYEON Q² Flash

GYEON Q2 Flash wins hands down in this section with driving the vehicle possible after only a 3 hour cure time. All the other coatings require 12 hours of curing before driving so come in equal second.


Easiest Coating to Maintain

Best: Opti-Coat

Both GYEON and Opti-Coat provide easy vehicle maintenance. By offering long term protection there is no need for constant waxing or reapplying protection once a year. However, when it comes to the least amount of maintenance required Opti-Coat Pro and Opti-Coat Pro+ have slightly lower maintenance due to not needing a spray sealant applied like GYEON WetCoat every 3 months to help maintain the coating.

Both GYEON and Opti-Coat coatings will require decontamination every so often as this will clog the coating and reduce the water behaviour and slickness.


Budget Coating Option

Best: GYEON Q² CanCoat Pro

GYEON Q² CanCoat Pro gets a mention here as it really is some great protection for a great price. It also can be used as a ceramic booster over any of the GYEON coatings after a few years of weathering to reset the coating back to day 1. For the price paid, CanCoat Pro beats every sealant and wax in terms of protection, chemical resistance and durability. It also adds great gloss and great hydrophobic action and slickness to the paint. For older cars there isn’t really a better option.



No Loser

The warranties offered by both GYEON and Opti-Coat are good straightforward warranties with honesty in what’s covered and what to expect from their products. There isn’t a real winner here as what works for you and your car is going to be different to the next person.

One thing we do love about Opti-Coat and GYEON warranties is there is no need for an annual inspection just to keep your warranty valid. This is great as an annual inspection does little for the customer or the business as if you are looking after your car then you don’t need it checked and if you are not looking after it any damage sustained from neglect isn’t covered by any coating manufacturers warranty that I have seen.  If you miss an inspection your warranty is void. So even if you actually follow the correct maintenance plan from the manufacturer of that particular coating somehow it’s not guaranteed anymore because you missed the inspection.

Be sure to do your research on the warranty terms of any brand you are considering as sometimes the annual inspections are hidden away and not mentioned by the installer either. This means your 5, 7, 9, 12 or even 15 year warranty quickly becomes a 1 year warranty if you miss your first inspection.

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