Ceramic Paint Protection Cost

Ever wondered about ceramic paint protection cost? We know that it’s great to have options so with our calculator you can estimate prices of a range of different ceramic coatings, as well as checking out how simple it is to add on protection for other surfaces. Not sure what you might need? Check out our services information.

We understand that some customers prefer payment plans or just want to break up the cost over a few pay checks and that’s okay with us! If this is something you are interested in please check out our ZipPay page, or go directly to Zip for more information.

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Please Note: While all efforts are made to ensure this quote calculator is as accurate as possible, there are certain things that cannot be quoted by a computer. All our coating packages include paint correction to prepare the paint for the coating. However, if your vehicle is in particularly bad condition, a larger amount of correction may be required. This would incur a larger cost. If you aren’t sure about your vehicle’s condition, please get in touch so we can arrange a time to provide you with a free quote in person.


Benefits of auto protection

You may have heard the terms paint protection, ceramic coatings and surface protection, but really why do you need to protect your vehicle surfaces? Here is the nutshell version...
Keeps the paint in like-new condition so your car has higher value compared to non-coated cars when it comes time to sell.
Protect your paint from the elements with a coating that takes the beating instead of your paint.
The Australian sun is brutal and very harmful to your cars paintwork. There isn't a better way to block UV rays than ceramic paint protection.
Unlike waxing which requires constant reapplication every few months, coated cars are easier to maintain. Once the coating is installed there is no need to reinstall and can only be removed with machine polishing to abrade the coating off.
Keep that new car shine without the need for regular polishing.
Hydrophobic ("fear" of water) is a feature of ceramic coating. Water will just slip off your car and make washing and drying easier.
Not to be confused with a car that cleans itself! Self-cleaning properties actually means that your car will accumulate dirt a lot slower as it won't stick as much.
Ceramic coatings are highly resistant to chemical damage. This is great at protection against bird poo and acid rain.
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