Ceramic Paint Protection Packages

Here at Newcastle Auto Protection, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their ceramic paint protection. That begins with talking to you about your requirements for a ceramic coating, what is important to you and answering any questions you have with 100% honesty. After comprehensive research, accreditation and testing of a range of coatings, we have selected GYEON as our preferred coating brand.

You can rely on the following when dealing with us:

10 Years Experience: With ten years in the industry, you can rest assured that your car is in excellent hands.

Professional Advice: We provide honest, no-bull, helpful advice. We aren’t trying to “trick” you into anything, we want you to get the best results possible – we like happy customers!

Single Step Paint Correction INCLUDED: No need to “add on” the cost of correction. We ensure your vehicle is ready for the coating, achieving the glossiest result possible.

Great Range of Ceramic Coatings: People are different, the way they use their cars are different, so why would the same coating suit all customers? For example, we have a unique, highly convenient car coating, GYEON Q2 Flash, that can be applied the same day the car is dropped off and picked up!

Pro-Only Ceramic Protection: These coatings cannot be purchased or applied by just anyone; we completed thorough accreditation processes to become certified applicators of GYEON ceramic coatings. And we are the only certified applicators of this brand in the Newcastle region.

Entry-Level Coating Package

Ceramic coating maintenance major package includes application of CanCoat Pro
CanCoat Pro offers great, affordable ceramic protection for those on a budget or as a top up coating to a more durable ceramic coating such as Q² Flash.

Prices starting from just $449.

This price includes a full exterior and single step paint correction, making it very hard not to consider this package if you are after a good detail and machine polish.

While this package can be applied to a new car, our other two package levels are better suited as they come with more durable protection backed with warranties. However, this entry level package is the perfect choice for cars that are 5 years+ in age and requiring a refresh and solid protection.

Mid-Level Coating Package

A very convenient Newcastle Paint Protection option - the fast curing Gyeon's Q2 Flash available at Newcastle Auto Protection
Our mid level protection package is the most popular as the Gyeon Q² Flash ceramic coating offers great protection, gloss and easy maintenance all while being great value.

Prices starting from $799 and include up to 10 years warranty.

GYEON Q² Flash is a thick one layer, fast-curing ceramic coating. It offers great UV protection, slickness and gloss. With its faster curing time of 3 hours before being exposed to the elements, the coating can usually be installed and handed back to the customer the same day. In terms of where Q² Flash sits in GYEON's coating line, it is a big step up from GYEON CanCoat Pro in terms of protection and durability.

If you are after high quality ceramic paint protection without overnight curing times then Q² Flash is the best solution.

Top-Level Coating Package

Our top level protection packages are not only the very best coatings we offer but also some of the best coatings in the world at this time. We can offer you the choice of Q² MOHS+ or Q² Duraflex from GYEON.

Prices starting from $1249 and include the option of an infinite warranty

Both of these ceramic car coatings are advanced, dual layer installs and will need to be kept overnight in our high security workshop for curing. These GYEON Q² coatings share the same base layer (Q² Base) but are distinguished by their different top coats. Q² MOHS+ has the top coat Q² Phobic - a quartz based top coat that provides harder wearing protection and an incredible glass-like gloss. On the other hand, Q² Duraflex has the top coat Q² Flexi, which provides further gloss and unmatched slickness.

If you are after the best protection available then our top level packages are up to the task, backed by impressive warranties and priced from $1249. If you need help deciding between these two coatings, please view our coating comparison table below or call us for a no-obligation chat about what’s best for you and your vehicle.

Which Ceramic Coating is Best for Me?

We know that everyone has different priorities for their car paint protection so we have put all the coatings we offer to the test in each of the below categories. Check out the results and feel free to contact us if you need more guidance or check out our instant quote calculator to build your ceramic paint protection package.

Glossiest Coating


Runner Up: GYEON Q² Duraflex

This is a very subjective area as different coatings will add different types of gloss and each person can have a different preference. We have listed our favourite three in order.

GYEON Q2 MOHS+ wins for us because with its glass-like gloss it’s just like looking into a mirror. GYEON Q2 Duraflex comes in second for this category. Its silicone-based top coat certainly adds the “wet look” shine and is a favourite for many people.

Slickest Coating

Best: GYEON Q² Duraflex

Runner Up: GYEON Q² Flash

The slickness we are measuring here is how much friction the coating reduces on top of the paintwork. GYEON Q² Duraflex wins hands down here. With its silicone based top coat, Q² Flexi, it’s even hard to rest a microfibre towel on your car as it just slides off. GYEON Q² Flash comes in second.

Most Hydrophobic Coating

Best: GYEON Q² Duraflex

Runner Up: GYEON Q² Flash

The word hydrophobic means water fearing and in this category we are looking at which coating offers the best beading action or water contact angle. GYEON Q2 Duraflex wins again here. With a contact angle of 120 degrees it has some of the best hydrophobic action of any coating anywhere. GYEON Q2 Flash comes in second, also offering great hydrophobic properties.



Runner Up: GYEON Q² CanCoat Pro

Water sheeting is another form of hydrophobic action. Rather than tight water beads water tends to flood a panel and fall off in a puddle. GYEON Q² MOHS+ tends to sheet water more then beading it and takes first place in this category. GYEON Q² CanCoat Pro is second but in comparison to MOHS+ it is not even close. Water sheeting makes drying easier and helps avoid water spotting issues due to lack of beading.

Fastest Application of Coating

Best: GYEON Q² Flash

GYEON Q2 Flash wins hands down in this section with driving the vehicle possible after only a 3 hour cure time. All the other coatings require 12 hours of curing before driving so come in equal second.

Budget Coating Option

Best: GYEON Q² CanCoat Pro

GYEON Q² CanCoat Pro gets a mention here as it really is some great protection for a great price. It also can be used as a ceramic booster over any of the GYEON coatings after a few years of weathering to reset the coating back to day 1. For the price paid, CanCoat Pro beats every sealant and wax in terms of protection, chemical resistance and durability. It also adds great gloss and great hydrophobic action and slickness to the paint. For older cars there isn’t really a better option.


No Loser

The warranties offered by  GYEON  are good straightforward warranties with honesty in what’s covered and what to expect from their products. There isn’t a real winner here as what works for you and your car is going to be different to the next person. More information on the GYEON warranties is available here.

One thing we do love about  GYEON warranties is there is no need for an annual inspection just to keep your warranty valid. This is great as an annual inspection does little for the customer or the business as if you are looking after your car then you don’t need it checked and if you are not looking after it any damage sustained from neglect isn’t covered by any coating manufacturers warranty that I have seen.  If you miss an inspection your warranty is void. So even if you actually follow the correct maintenance plan from the manufacturer of that particular coating somehow it’s not guaranteed anymore because you missed the inspection.

Be sure to do your research on the warranty terms of any brand you are considering as sometimes the annual inspections are hidden away and not mentioned by the installer either. This means your 5, 7, 9, 12 or even 15 year warranty quickly becomes a 1 year warranty if you miss your first inspection.

GYEON Ceramic Coating Warranty Options

To make it as straightforward as possible, we have summarised GYEON’s warranty conditions below; however, you can also go to the GYEON website to access the full documents regarding warranties here.

Basic Warranty Option:

Q² Flash comes with a base 3 year warranty.

Q² Duraflex and Q² MOHS+ both come with a base 5 year warranty.

To be eligible for these base warranties, GYEON requires the following from customers:

  • Don’t wash your car in the first 14 days after application of coating.
  • Wash your car at least once every 3 months with Q2M Cure, Q2M Wetcoat or Q2M Bathe+. To make this easier – everyone who has their car coated with us receives a free bottle of Q2M Wetcoat, which will last about 2.5 years (depending on frequency of use).

Extended Warranty Options:

If you wish to extend your warranty beyond the base warranties, we can offer up to 10 years warranty with Q² Flash or an infinite warranty with Q² Duraflex or Q² MOHS+. To be eligible for these warranties, GYEON requires the following from customers:

  • Don’t wash your car in the first 14 days after application of coating.
  • Bring your car back in every 2 years or 25,000km for a periodical maintenance.
  • Only use GYEON Certified Detailers for servicing your car/ coating (this reduces risk of other places voiding your warranty).
  • Wash your car at least once every 3 months with Q2M Cure, Q2M Wetcoat or Q2M Bathe+. Everyone who has their car coated with us receives a free bottle of Q2M Wetcoat, which will last about 2.5 years (depending on frequency of use). And when you come back for your 2 yearly maintenance we will refill your bottle free of charge! If you are washing more regularly and find that you need more product we can refill in-between maintenances for a small cost. And if you find you don’t have the time to be washing your car, you can book in for us to do it.
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