Why Choose Newcastle Auto Protection?

With paint protection and ceramic coating receiving more attention than ever these days, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the options. We want to help you navigate that.

If you’re looking for professional car paint protection Newcastle, you can trust us – we have been in the auto detailing world for 10 years and are still going strong.

Starting out as an 18 year old car enthusiast, Mitchell Feenan lived, breathed and worked in car detailing. Three years later, he was a sole trader of his own car detailing business – Fine Line Detailing. After several years of learning and growing as a detailer and then moving to the Maitland region, Mitch renamed Fine Line Detailing to Maitland Auto Detailing, which is still in operation as a mobile detailing business (check out our website here).

Mitch has continued to live and breathe car detailing but in the last few years his focus shifted to vehicle surface protection. Following substantial research and working with a multitude of different ceramic coating brands, he became convinced that the best paint protections required application in controlled conditions and so entered a workshop in Tighes Hill. And in the name of clear communication, it made sense that this come under the name Newcastle Auto Protection. So rest assured,  your vehicle is in experienced, highly competent hands at Newcastle Auto Protection.

Why GYEON and Opti-Coat

There are several protection brands claiming to be the "best in the world" but we know how unreliable such claims can be. We did our research and chose GYEON and Opti-Coat as our brands of choice.

The “best ceramic coating” can be a very contentious subject for some people. There are a few reputable ceramic coating brands out there along with many unreliable, cheap knock-offs. We recommend you doing your own personal research; however, we can confirm that both GYEON and Opti-Coat are exceptionally high quality brands that can be trusted. They both have comprehensive accreditation processes for their applicators and they don’t over-hype their coatings. In general, we find them to be more about underpromising and overdelivering rather than the other way around. We are yet to find another ceramic coating brand that impresses us as much as these two. For detailed information about each of these brands, check out the following links:

Opti-Coat Ceramic Car Coatings

GYEON Ceramic Car Coatings

We have also compiled a “GYEON or Opti-Coat” comparison page that can assist you with deciding what brand and coating is best for you. This can be accessed here or feel free to contact us for a chat about your specific priorities and requirements.


Choose the Way You Pay


Want to know more about us? Here is the lowdown.
Are you insured to work on my car?

Yes, rest assured we are fully insured to work on your vehicle, including driving it when necessary.

Can I just wait at the workshop while you protect my car?

Absolutely! We have an upstairs reception area with air-conditioning, lounge, tea and coffee facilities, as well as plenty of water. We also have clean bathroom amenities that you are more than welcome to use. We are more than happy for you to use our waiting area and facilities while we work on your vehicle or if you are waiting for a lift.

Do you sell products for maintaining my car?

Yes, we have a full line of products from reputable brands that are on display and available for purchase.

Do you do window tinting too?

We don’t offer window tinting in our workshop but there is a tinting business in the same complex as us – we are happy to arrange tinting and paint protection to be completed at the same time for you.

Is your workshop secure?

Absolutely! The complex we are in has a locked gate from 8pm along with 24hr video surveillance of the entire complex. We also have our workshop fully locked at multiple points with your car safely inside and keys kept offsite.

Newcastle Auto Protection workshop custom fitted for application of the highest quality new car ceramic paint protection by Gyeon Quartz

LOCATIONOur Workshop

11/7 Revelation Close, Tighes Hill
Newcastle Auto Protection is conveniently located just minutes from Newcastle CBD
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